Author: Ton Lecluse 

    Demo program introduction



The construction box
Plane geometry
Investigating a section
Investigating a function
Drawing in perspective
A probability tree
The calculator
Getting a taste
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Geocadabra can be downloaded from this site (
Downloads) and can be launched from the Windows menu or the icon on the desktop after installation. Needless to say, not all functions are available in this demo version. However, by going through this booklet you will get a fair idea of the possibilities since the demo supports all given examples.

When launched for the first time, Geocadabra allows you a choice between various levels of difficulty. Should you decide to work on a lower level exercise, the remaining, more difficult levels will not be shown in the menus and you will be only presented with those exercises that are suitable for your level.

This site will mainly discuss the basic starting level.

There are various ways to start:

With a new drawing.
    After choosing a basic object, you are free
    to manipulate it any way you want.
With a drawing from the system.
    A drawing can be saved and re-opened at
    any time.

With playing an animation.
With a calculator. This is a special calculator that can calculate fractions and roots.
With adjusting the configuration. The configuration screen allows you to determine exactly how
    Geocadabra should behave. On the website is a download centre with a text file (the user interface)
    that gives a more detailed description of the configuration screen.

Geocadabra features a built in camera that can be switched on at any given moment. The camera will record all actions on screen and allows for a pupil to demonstrate in class how a complicated drawing was constructed or how he/she dealt with a certain problem. The recorded approach to a problem and the solution can of course be sent to the teacher by e-mail!