Author: Ton Lecluse 

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  Some menus are not available in the demo version:

(Geometrical) transformations

The maintenance menu is the heart of the programme and in it you will find all commands needed to add vertices, lines, vectors, functions, conic sections, areas and shadings to a figure. This menu also provides you with interesting applications such as the possibility to construct a net of a three-dimensional model. This way you can create a cutout.

Transformations are: rotations, point and line reflections, translations, point multiplications and enlargement or reducibility.

Apart from providing the drawing with an angle, length or distance, the calculations also give it a supporting construction. 

In order to view some of the menuís possibilities we will use the quick search bar in the top centre of the screen.


  The first ten keys are user-defined. You can assign much used commands to them so you will not have to go out of your way to find them in sub-sub-menus.

The keys have been assigned the following functions in the demo version: 

1: Click on line (segment) to place a point on it
2: Click on 2 points and the centre will be determined
3: Add a point by entering the co-ordinates
4: Click on 2 points and the line segment in between them will be drawn
5: Click on 3 points and a circle will be drawn connecting all 3 points
6: Click on 3 points and the plane connecting them will be lifted up from the drawing and shown at full size
7: Click somewhere on the screen to place a text
8: A wire model will be drawn around the object with box edges // co-ordinate system
9: Click on 3 points and (the altitude) the altitude point of the triangle will be drawn
10: Click on 3 points and (the median and the central point will be drawn
[ ]: Click on 3 points to draw the section of the object as well as the plane through these 3 points 

Keys 6, 8 and 10 are designed to function with respect to three-dimensional figures but the other keys can be used with both plane as well as three-dimensional figures.

When working on a drawing, you can, after you have pressed a key, read the instructions in the status line below the drawing.

Why not start with a cube and draw in some points, line segments, some shading and a circle?

Have fun!